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Genre: Comedy



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Type: Children's Book

Genre: Historical Fiction

Your Stats this MONTH

Facebook Posts

POST 1: 10 likes, 8 comments (buy click YES)

POST 2: 10 likes, 8 comments (buy click NO)

POST 3: 10 likes, 8 comments (buy click YES)

POST 4: 10 likes, 8 comments (buy click NO)

POST 5: 10 likes, 8 comments (buy click YES)

Website Stats

Unique Page Views: MAR 12: APR 18

Amazon Buy Link Clicks: MAR 23 : APR 23

Top Referrals: Facebook (23 buy link clicks)

Email List Signups

# of Signups: MAR 23 : APR 24


Book Sales

BOOK 1: MAR 12: APR 18

BOOK 2: MAR 14 : APR 23

BOOK 3: MAR 8 : APR 63

TOTAL: MAR 34 : APR 104 

Your Ad Program

You are spending $____

for a 3-MONTH period

101 DISPLAY ads shown so far (Facebook)

233 Search ads shown so far (Google)

Your Publisher

(since JULY 2019)

55 days left in your program 
(Your Publishing Company) 

Click any day to record/schedule your promotion activities

(enter any book signings, speeches, posts written or ANYTHING you did to help you keep track)

Activity Log

THURS APR 2:    Went to a book signing at J's Books
FRI APR 3:           Responded to a reader comment on Facebook
SAT APR 4:          Signed up for the book conference
SUN APR 5:         Started writing my next novel
MON APR 6:        Went over details of Audiobook Release



Your Insights

Highest Value Activities

1. Facebook Post #1 (23 comments)

2. Book signing (23 new emails)

3. speech at the American Society (21 emails)

Suggestions Commentary

1. UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE: better mobile page load times will result more efficient ad spend

2. Find more public speaking engagements to elicit more email signups and more activities that ads can amplify

3. CREATE AN AUDIOBOOK: more content to promote will give more activities to amplify

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